Aegina Home And Living has grown from the ongoing success of George Lorentzos’s property development business.

Born in Aegina, he loves the island and fully understands why others might wish to live here. Aware of the fact that Aegina could be exploited in the pursuit to build houses, he preserves the natural environment as much as possible, therefore recognising his responsibility as a property developer.

AHL designs and consults with a number of architects and engineers whose vast experience of building homes in Greece spans over decades. In each case, they maximise the use of Aegina’s natural light, inspired by this and the natural environment to create realistically priced wonderful homes which reflect the needs of both the customer and the island. Supporters of local employment, AHL’s diligent and committed teams of builders and tradesmen enjoy producing top quality homes for your pleasure.

Throughout the course of his successful construction career on the island, many locals have asked George to sell land and houses which has led to the evolution of this licensed real estate business.


George has extensive experience of designing and building houses on Aegina island.
Houses can be built from drawings, personalising the customer’s requirements.
Whether you are looking for traditional rural or something more contemporary, our architects and engineers are always available to counsel you, the client.
To see examples of AHL’S previous work and current projects, please visit Current Projects

AHL can source land in your desired area and organise a thorough search to ensure clear title.
We have pieces of land for sale throughout the island.
Please visit Land Sales to view what is currently available for sale.

AHL has houses for sale throughout the island.
If you should require a specific area or architectural style, AHL will endeavour to source the home of your choice to suit your requirements.
Please visit House Sales to view houses currently for sale.

Buying land or a home abroad is a daunting and bewildering experience. We know that good honest communication and information are the antidotes to fear and confusion, so whether buying land or a home, AHL will support and navigate you throughout the whole process. Please view The Purchasing Process to learn more about how this is done.