AHL works with professional architects and engineers who have immense experience of building high quality homes in Greece and Aegina in particular.
Supporters of local employment, we use families who have a long tradition of building in Aegina. Our tradesmen are qualified in their chosen trade and their reputations are known to us.

All houses are built according to Greek Standard Building Construction Specifications and each phase is checked accordingly for enforcement of the anti seismic specifications.

We only use superior quality materials to ensure that the end product is one of high quality. Our building teams work very hard with commitment to achieve this goal.


We will do the following:

  • Listen to you regarding your requirements.

  • Help to source land in your chosen area of Aegina.

  • Arrange archaeological and thorough general searches of the land

  • Select an architect with whom you are able to feel comfortable, who is able to interpret your dream home and communicate effectively.

  • Produce copyrighted plans which we will then submit for planning permission.

  • Once this is obtained, we will manage the project to completion alongside a scheduled work and financial timetable with approximated delivery date.
    (Historically, our delivery dates are achieved due to our diligent and committed teams.)

  • We will keep you updated with work progress using photographic and descriptive evidence.

  • We will be constantly available to discuss any project related issues thus ensuring that you feel secure and in control of the construction of your home.